Introduction to
the Orgasmic Fusion

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* Important note from the translator

  • All text printed in Italics are underlined in the original Japanese text, and you are encouraged to mark these texts with a highlighter.
  • All words printed in BOLD characters are quoted, which means an emphasis in Japanese literary convention. I have retained the quotation marks around the text in some cases. In any case, BOLD and/or "quoted" mean that the author wants the reader to retain these expression or phrases. Of course, any conversations are presented in quotation marks in Japan, too. Thus, this note does not apply for them.
  • This book is translated in a manner to preserve the thought stream of the author as much as possible. Thus, some readers may be required to read this at least a few times to get used to the way it is translated and to fully comprehend the meanings to get benefits from the practices.
  • Please consult apropriate books on Japanese Zen or books by Osho if you want to learn about certain terms such as, Satori, Koan, Zazen, Mahamudra, etc..

  • The summit of sex is "the death of ego"

    and "state of Nothingness."

    By Houzan Suzuki

    There are many different books about sex with different goals in the "Sex therapy" or "Sexual healing" categories, and they employ different techniques.

    For example, Chinese sexual manuals were mainly written for the health of male while Indian Tantra was developed as a kind of meditation whose aim is Mahamudra ("great unity," so to say). Japanese sexual texts were born out of the refined playful spirit to enjoy sex. And recent western ESO (Extended Sexual Orgasm) program and others were formulated to increase the level of sensual pleasure. In the near future, research on such things as "What kind of sexual union is desireble for the conception of healthier babies?" will take place in medical labs and clinics, in addition to artificial insemination and the education of babies during pregnancy.

    Compared to the above, the sexual techniques and their goals in this book are as follows:
    (1) The way to always attain the simultaneous orgasm of man and woman. (also the techniques for increasing the endurance of men.)
    (2) The way for women to attain at least 4 to 5 orgasms in one evening.
    (3) The way to perfectly synchronize the wave (rythm) of the orgasmic spasms of the man and woman.
    (4) The way to enjoy the orgasmic spasm itself, not the pleasure of just before the orgasm, for 10 minutes.
    (5) The way to blackout together for the man and woman by simultaneous orgasms and synchronized spasms.
    (6) In the dimension above the physical body level, sex is not limited to the union of the genital organs. As an example of this, the way of sex by the union of chakras (energy centers) is explained.
    (7) Through these experiences of orgasm at multiple levels, the ego and sense of individuality will disappear in the end, and there will be no more distinction of male or female.

    There will be perfect state of "Union."
    However...the ultimate goal of sex is the vanishing away of the Union-Existence itself.
    Therefor, the ultimate sex goes beyond the transcendence of gender and the union of man and woman.
    It aims at the same thing as Zen: the transcendence of the existence, in other words, "Nothingness."

    About Master EO who arranged the Manual

    Master EO opened Satori (full enlightenment) in February 1992, and passed away in October 1994.
    He had left 9 volumes during this relatively short period of three years.
    98 % of the subject matter was on Japanese Zen, on the Taoism of Lao Tzu, and on the different dimensions of the universe. The subject of sex is rather scarce.

    He was seeing great difficulty during the process of guiding meditation and Koan for the people. The fact was that even how eagerly they practiced Zazen, their energy would not rise (transmute) if they had not experienced satisfaction in sex previously.

    Therefore, he completely divided sex and mediation.
    He made techniques purely for sex instead of such systems popular in the west today, which combine mediation fundamentals, kundalini techniques, and sexual techniques.

    In other words, he didn't guide sex and mediation at same time
    First, he guided their sexual satisfaction, then he taught meditation.
    In this way, they had deeper sexual experiences, thus they could go further on their way of meditation without being bothered by any sexual thought and imagination.

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