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Orgasmic Fusion is a truly unique system of sexual teaching arranged by an enlightened master "EO". (Pronounced E like Empty, and O like Omega)

He was born in Japan and lived there till his passage in 1994 at the age of 36.
After his enlightenment in 1992, he named a room in his apartment "Mumyouan", where he gave secret teachings to a few people who paid him visits.
But he never took any disciples, nor built temples, nor was he bound by any formalities, living the fullest of spontaneous wisdom.

Presently, 9 books has been published from his talks.
They have created huge impact among many people because they were shockingly rebellious in their nature.
If his teaching were revealed to the world, all religion, philosophy, mysticism, science, and magik of this planet would become rubble.

His unique system of teaching is called "EOism".
It is composed of a very original view on the reality of the universe.
Also, there are many talks that severely criticize the human hypocrisy and the misconception among people who hang around religion and spirituality. On the other hand, there are free spirited talks on his state of Satori, taking Zen, Tao, and Buddhism at its origin as a subject.
Actually his talks cover a vast area of topics such as ETs and dimensions different from ours.

In summary, there are three major components in EOism.

  1. Explanation for the cause of all activity in the entire universe including that of god.
  2. Talks on the essence of Satori using Zen, Tao, Buddhism as the material.
  3. Actual meditation. "DeathZen (Lethal Zen)"

* * * * * * * * *

From his vast talks, this web site introduced Orgasmic Fusion arranged by him.
Of course, you cannot find such sexual teachings in Japanese Zen temples which are full of formalities.
And you should know that this kind of system is not taught in any Zen temple, even in the most eccentric of them.

Orgasmic Fusion is a truly original system of EO.
But it is not for Satori nor for having mystic experiences.
It is totally different from other systems of sexual teachings, such as the one practiced in Osho Commune of the past.

Master EO treated sex as a matter to be dealt before meditation.
He used totally opposite approach from abstaining monks.
Among the people he had met, many of them went into monasteries, belonged to a religion, started to meditate before finishing with mundane desires.
As a result, they couldn't pass even a very basic stage in their meditation.

Observing this, he advised us to experience "ultimate satisfaction" in the union of man and woman (sex).

Often, EO talked about Buddha.
"Buddha was born a prince. He had tasted all luxuries of life, and entirely satisfied his sexual desires. Then, he set himself on the journey of the seeking.
As this story shows, to trace the pure path of the seeking, one must not carry along mundane desires."

So, he recommended that the sexual frustration should be resolved before all, because it is the one that tends to stick around.
If Orgasmic Fusion is practiced correctly, as a result, the seeker can really enter authentic dimensions of meditation without being affected by sexual desire at all.

Again, this system is not for attaining enlightenment.
It is not for hallucinating mystic experience by "superficial imitation" of eastern sexual techniques popular in west, either.

Orgasmic Fusion does not idealize sex. Neither does it define sex as sacred.
The system of Orgasmic Fusion is solely formulated to totally satisfy "a matter of course" and "untouched (as is, natural)" sexual desire as a human being.
It explains how a couple can taste complete harmony in the sexual orgasm and rejoice in the deep sense of union so that they can experience the ultimate satisfaction in sex.
If you are interested in the meditation and Satori, these subjects are found in the other part of EO's writing which would be translated one by one.

Among the techniques of Orgasmic Fusion, you will find some components of Chinese and Indian sexual practices.
But other than that, there are original techniques by EO.
Also, reports from people who had learned Orgasmic Fusion and actually put them into practice will be translated.

For example:
  1. Both men and women going into a blackout after orgasm
  2. Experiencing different dimensions during the blackout ("white-out")
  3. Prolonged female orgasmic spasm for 2 to 3 minutes
  4. Total harmonization of orgasm in both man and woman giving an exact synchronization of spasmodic rhythm from the beginning to the end, without any effort.
  5. Prohibition of the use of drugs, including alcohol, Viagra, Prozac, LSD, Cocaine, and so on, respecting natural and organic sex.
  6. Guidance for the days and the conditions when sex should be avoided
  7. Practical methods for determining a good sexual partner

There are many insightful texts in the Japanese version as you can see in the proposed Table Of Contents.
We will translate them into English, then French as soon as possible, since we see a great interest in the practical knowledge for satisfying sex, among western people.
We are looking for someone who can help us in translating, proofreading, and so on.
Please let us know if you are interested in this most avant-garde of sexual teaching.

1998 7/29 by Houzan Suzuki

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The List of Books by EO published in Japanese

(The title and sub title)

Buddhas in Rubble
Primordial sutra of outer Galaxies
Buddhas in Rubble Book 2
Return to the absolute void without reincarnation
Buddhas in Rubble Addendum
Crazy stream of Dharma
Irony on Spirituality
Stupid Gods of the universe
Zen on the disappearing earth
The midnight Zen

* The above books are from Mandarake Publishing Division, Tokyo Japan.

Too much from the Little Buddha
It's more tedious being enlightened than getting there.
The Rebellious Universe
Journey for non-existence
Taoism of Darkness
EOism Omnibus Book
The legend of dead mind (out of print)
Simplicity on Spirituality
The Message from Empty-Outfield
EO, the solitary peak of awakened. Last Q and A

* All other books are from Mumyouan or its associates.
Some of them are published as a limited edition and printed in small numbers.

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