Sex and Health

Sex and Health

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Important reminder

"Alcohol Kills Sex !!! "

To practice "The Total Tantra Manual" by EO and "Mysticism of Sex" edited by mumyouan, you should never drink any "alcohol" within 3 days before sex. Also, within 3 days, you should never take any "drug" nor "smart drug" regardless of legality.
If you are taking medication for "fever" from cold, you should not have sex, either.

* * * * * * * * *
It seems that so many people are having sex under the influence of alcohol.
This is "totally wrong" and "out of question".

Because, without normal function of sensory system, you cannot experience "all the subtle process" of sex.
And also, the chemical components that create sensation of pleasure in brain does not function well under the influence of alcohol.

Major reason why sex and alcohol are associated is probably from the social customs.
In usual dating pattern, they go to leisure activity or downtown during daytime, and the dinner or karaoke comes next in the evening, but usually mixed with alcohol.
Married couple may drink alcohol before going to bed.
Also, there is a "cowardly calculation" to release protective guard of woman when a guy offer drinks.
* * * * * * * *
But once the bad habit of mixing sex and alcohol is established, man may experience difficulty in getting hard erection without small amount of alcohol. As a result, it may become near obligatory ritual to drink alcohol before each sex to give some charge.
Of course, too much alcohol would result in the problem of erection.
Nevertheless, many people drink alcohol in hope of relaxing psychologically, improving blood circulation, or increasing pleasure.
* * * * * * * * *
However, the experience one had under the influence of drug or alcohol will end up as the useless information unless the substance is taken again.
Therefore, even in the psychiatric clinic, a therapy with "parallel use of medication" would always fail.
Only the information learned without influence of drug or alcohol will be helpful in daily life, even how painful may the process of acquiring be.

There will be more and more kind of drug that influences brain, such as Prosac, in the market as well as in the psychiatric clinic. Never mix these drugs with sex.

The basis for this is not on the secondary effects and the problem of rebound.
The memory of experience under the influence of drug or alcohol does resurface,
but the problem is that these memories don't come up in daily life without drug or alcohol.
"It works only under the influence," that is the vain repeating habit of drunkard.
* * * * * * * * *
Therefore, unless you can always get drug or alcohol for sex, or unless you can also spend your daily life under the influence for rest of life, you should not take any drug nor alcohol within 3 days (strictly speaking, 7 days) before sex, at least.

Effects of Sex on your Health

I have received several questions concerning health and sex.
But I cannot answer in terms of medical science since I am not a MD..
However, I can tell within my own experiences.

There are common factors among women I had sexual relations.
First, women with "irregular cycle" have nearly perfect regular cycles afterwards.
Next, for ladies who had some "skin problems", these conditions either totally or greatly disappeared.
In both cases, it wasn't quick fix. It took three months to a half year to see the apparent effect at the rate of, say, once a month of sex.

In the extreme case, the shape of the body itself changed. A woman with rather "barrel" type shape around waist was transformed clearly into "coke bottle" shape.
(* translator's note: "barrel" and "coke bottle", in no way, resemble the terms used by Mr. Houzan Suzuki nor quite common way of saying in Japan. I just used them since I couldn't think of other words that would give a visual image clearly. Let me know if you have better way to say.)
She was very surprised at this by herself. As far as I could see, it wasn't that she got slim by loosing some fat, but the born structure around hip itself had grown.

As I don't know the exact cause for these phenomena, let me tell my hypotheses.
I don't think these phenomena will happen by normal sex, though.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I make love, I always give caressing and other kinds of skin nourishment to full body of my partner. Before penetration, during foreplay, from fingers and tows, all the parts of her body up to her hairs, leaving nothing and carefully, I give nourishing skin stimulation for tens of minutes without fail.
The biggest reason is that we can't have a "balanced skin stimulation", which is an important side aspect of sex, just with the genital stimulation for sexual pleasure.

Also, touching and massage for partner's face is especially important,
for we accumulate enormous amount of psychological stress on our face.

This is because the accumulation of emotion oppressed by social life such as,
we couldn't laugh when we wanted, we couldn't cry when we wanted,
we couldn't express anger when we wanted,
are all engraved on our facial expression as the "deformation".
Therefore, it is very important to give a skin nourishment to loosen up the facial tissues and expression of your partner.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Although it is just an assumption, the effects such as correction of irregular cycle and change of body shape are not the result of having sex itself but the secretion of either hormone or other substance by the full body skin nourishment I think skin nourishment is very important as we hear often recently the lack of it at the early age from parents may result in a so-called "silent baby".

As for "getting smooth skin" by sex, I don't know any medical explanation.
However, if you practice wrong sex or just depleting sex, I don't think you will see any of these health effects.
I will write a little about the wrong sex at the end.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now, some women told me about the health effects that sex with me had brought to them.
I can think of one reason for this.
It it that I always give certain resting period for my partner.
Although it is different from a woman to the other how many times she should have an orgasm for reaching "the orgasm with a satisfaction", usually it is three times in an average.

At that moment, we both always go into deep resting.
As I have written repeatedly that the best thing is to enter a "sleep state resembles fainting" right after orgasm. But even if it does not happen, we take deep resting period of half an hour or so after an orgasm.

It is very important to separate our bodies after the orgasm.
Usually, we stick together caressing and hugging endlessly,
for this resting period, we should separate the body of both partners.

Then, laying down parallel, "relax" with the posture you like.
It is still better if you really intend to go into a sleep.
During this resting period, there is a very deep "relaxing effects for the body and mind" quite particular to sex compared to the rest taken after other usual activities such as sports.
Also, by taking this resting period at the appropriate moment, we can enjoy long hours of sex (for more than four hours for example) without feeling of depletion, and we don't experience lousy feeling of our body following day.

Most probably, combining attentive "stimulation of the skin by full body skin nourishment", "deep excitement and deep breaths" of orgasm, and "peaceful rest" afterwards is good for our health as the relaxing agent to our mind.

Situations when you should avoid sex

As I have said earlier, here is the lists of sex you should avoid and sex that is harmful to your health.
  1. First, the simplest and the most important of all is "Don't sex when you don't feel like".
  2. Next, don't sex while under the influence of alcohol or drug.
  3. Don't make love that is concentrated to genital stimulation.
    This is why we recommend the position in which you adhere firmly both your bodies.
  4. Don't make love in hurry (quickies), worrying about the time.
  5. Absolutely avoid sex when your stomach is full. Avoid it when you have strange feeling in your stomach for other reasons, as well.
  6. Don't sex when you have not slept well or you feel tired, also when you are sick or right after sickness. It is better to avoid sex when you have mild cold or headache. Avoid during menstruation period.
  7. Within 2 days of, or 3 days around new moon, full moon, winter and summer solstice, spring and autumn equinox should be avoided. To know these date, look at the almanac for fishing and hunting. Even though I don't know the exact reasons behind it, it has been difficult to attain orgasm or easier to get tired during these periods.
    When I saw the notes against sex during these periods in old Chinese book as "periods and conditions to avoid sex", I intentionally tried for a year and a half. And I can say personally that "it is fairly right" to avoid sex for these periods. I shall add some other conditions written in the Chinese book, which I have personally verified and convinced that they have some bases.
  8. Right after going to the bathroom, wait at least ten minutes. Needless to say, wash well your genital with water.
  9. When your skin or, especially, hairs is still wet after taking the shower or bath, wait. It is not the bath or shower is bad, but the wetness of the skin or hairs.
  10. Don't make love in the rough meteorological and geological situation such as thunderstorm, frequent earth quakes, heavy rain, and very windy conditions.
  11. Within 2 days after going to the trip or far places. In general, not the distance of the trip but the fact that "you have been to somewhere new" seems to matter. Thus, you had better be careful even when you make a short trip.
  12. The day when you felt strong anger, worry, sadness, and fear should be avoided.
  13. At last, although it is a mental matter, I shall add it since it is very important. For both men and women, never ever make childish love in which you try to get aroused by "desire for dominating your partner", "desire to have the partner to oneself", or "jealousy".

Although many people try to ignite sexual desires with jealousy or domination desire,
there is a common symptom of the body and mind after making love this way.
That is, during several hours or about a day after sex, there is a heavy stagnant sensation of the body and mind.

To begin with, jealousy and the desire for domination are clearly based on the "worry", "fear", "lack of trust" for "the possibility of loosing the partner".
Therefore, if your motivation for sex has such bases as "fear" or "worry", it would not produce nice result.

On the other hand, if a couple in trusting relation make love with the intention to enjoy sex together, there is no mental game to play, the body and mind are relaxed,
thus it create "sex that is good for the health of the body and mind".

1998 2/23 Houzan Suzuki

The difference between
Taoist sex and Orgasmic Fusion

"Taoist Sex" is derived from Chinese Taoism, as you may know.
It is basically a system for personal "longevity" or "health".
In some cases, they seem to have had group sex as "festivity".

In these systems, there is a enormous kinds of situation where sex should be avoided such as the time, seasons, and condition for the partner. Also the neophyte is allowed to have actual sex only after going through many kinds of training and adjustment of body.

In this website, I will not give detailed explanations for these area. But I will tell some points I have noticed, nevertheless. You may not be able to find following explanation even in the ancient Chinese manuscripts.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In Chinese Taoist Sex, you absorb life energy from female genital organ, basically.
It could be called, in a way, as the act similar to that of Vampires, they had presumably done things like changing women twelve times explicitly for this purpose. Of course, the man would not ejaculate at all until at the end.

The maximum numbers of ejaculation is also defined as, once in four days for a man of twenties, once in eight days for thirties, 16 days for forties, 20 days for fifties, and never after sixty years old.

As a part of their method, a man would "pushing the tube located between the scrotum and the anus, while breathing out from the mouth, crunch his teethes for many tens of times" just before his orgasm to contain seminal fluid. In this case, even if there is a ejaculatory spasm around genital area, the life energy goes up into the brain without leaking out. (Actually, I have practiced this method before, for many years, and it had great effect on the body and mind.)

But in "Mumyouan", we don't use these techniques from Taoist Sex since we seek equal orgasm for both men and women.

However, it is true that women feel nearly no adverse effect even if a man take out a little bit of life energy because they store not just many times, but many tens of times more sexual energy than men. And you can see this in the fact that women can practice prostitution while men would not be able to perform it as much.
A woman who had relation with me long time before had attained 14 orgasms in a day.
If a man ejaculate 14 times in a day, he would be totally tired and get sick.

Well, in Taoist Sex, a man draws life energy of a woman from her vagina using his penis.
Then, he use this energy to transmute in himself.
To do this kind of work, in Taoist Sex, they set "conditions for the woman" to be a partner.

Between age of around 14 to 19, and the breasts not yet fully developed.
Not thin, fine hairs and small eyes, with echoing void.
Dose not have heavy born structure. No hairs or not much under the arms and on the legs.

Contrary, women to avoid are,
women over thirty years old. Even under thirty, women who gave birth. Women with thick skin, too skinny, or too fat. Women with voice of man. Women who breaths as if coughing. Women with lots of hairs on her legs. Women with a lot of jealousy. Women who has no sexual sensitivity. Over eating women. Women over forty years old (* 1). Women who feel chilly often. Women with heavy rigid born structure. Women with the problem of strong armpit odor. Women with hard hairs.

However, these are only applicable to the Taoist Sex system practiced for men's health.
In "Mumyouan", as we do not use sex as the health method, there are conditions not applicable.
(I put those conditions we consider important for Orgasmic Fusion in italic)

By the way, for the condition with (*1), we use "women in her menopause transformation" as the rule. In other words, after the end of transformation, it is OK. The problem arises when a woman enters menopause, she become restless mentally because "life energy with negative aspects", that has been accumulated for long years in her uterus by menstrual blood, is decomposed and circulate in her body and brain. Thus considering the effects on the health of male partner's body and mind, it is absolutely forbidden to have sex for about a year and a half during menopause.
* * * * * * * * *
Now, among these Taoist Sex condition, the one about "breasts" intrigued me.
As I have said earlier, in Taoist Sex, men absorb the life energy from woman's genital by his penis, the most part of her sexual energy needs to be concentrated around genital area for this.

Because of this reason, under developed breasts becomes one of their condition for a woman.
Also, from this point of view, it is not acceptable (in Taoist Sex) if the woman had given a birth and nourished a baby.
As women mature, a part of life energy start to flow toward her breasts for feeding.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
But in mumyouan, using this contrary, we recommend a woman with developed breasts as a female partner, although she doesn't have to have an enormous breasts.
However, a woman with extremely underdeveloped breasts is not suitable.

In Orgasmic Fusion, men do not unilaterally take out life energy from women.
Always men give a lot of energy with ejaculation for women.
But women do not just receive the energy from her genital in unequal manner.
Women should also give the share of her energy to men.
And the breasts is the place where they give it out.

As I have already explained in "Mysticism of Sex" that "The breasts of women is Yang while that of men is Yin", by caressing the breasts of female partner, the male partner receives life energy from his mouth (or other part). It is not just for giving more sexual excitement to her.

The male partner should give massage to all around her breasts as if unfolding and caress by his mouth, taking time and gently, not leaving part of her breasts. Then absorb the life energy emanating from the breasts from his mouth, as if a baby drinks mother's milk. (Other than absorbing from his mouth, it can be done by his forehead or breasts.)
In Orgasmic Fusion of Mumyouan, massages and caressings for women's breasts are not just for heightening sexual pleasure but the act of receiving life energy from women.

Then, the male partner should transmute received life energy in his gut at lower abdomen, and bring it to his penis, finally return it back to the female partner after mixing it with seminal fluid.

Thus, there is no age restriction of under twenty years old for the female partner in Orgasmic Fusion of Mumyouan as the life energy is absorbed from women's breast contrary to the Taoist Sex that uses women's genital for the absorption. Rather women with developed breasts are preferable.
Of course, it doesn't matter if she has given birth or nourished a child.
Yet, women with these conditions I had put in italic should be avoided.

In the Taoist Sex, truly great effort is needed to absorb life energy from women's genital by his penis contrary to the natural function of women's vagina that is to suck in.

To start with, the penis is designed to let out energy and there is no natural function to absorb. They have to train really hard to be "vampires" for this. Also, women have to be knocked out completely by many physically fainting orgasm.
Yet these practice seem to be used among traditional Taoist Sex people, currently.

1998 5/12 Houzan Suzuki

Remedies for the problem of erection

I saw a posting of a man about the problem of erection at other web site.
He said "I can ejaculate all right by masturbation or fellatio. But I loose erection in penetration."

This is a kind of erection problem.
I asked Mr. cloma to post a reply message to him since I do not have a computer, and decided to write it here, as well, just in case someone has same symptom.
It has psychological aspect and also recipes for cooking known to be effective for virility.

* * *

* Copy of the posting for this guy.

In your case, as you say that you can come with back position or by fellatio, I don't think you have functional problem.
I don't think that you have to worry too much.
I will write down, one by one, possible reason and the remedy for it.

1: There is a possibility that the body position you are using is not compatible for your physical.
If you feel good with back position, please try side position, both left and right one.
(Please refer to the position chart [ re ] for side position, in Total Tantra Manual.)

2: After penetrating while her legs spread apart, let her straighten her legs one after another, and wrap her legs by yours from out side. Make sure to straighten your legs, too. You will feel different sensation. ( [ 10 ], [ Z ] of position chart)

3: If you carry psychological pressure such as you have to bring her to orgasm or you have to stay long, these thing can happen sometime. So, please ask her collaboration to let you come with the body position of your choice several times.
In other words, please try to come as if masturbating at first.
(Maybe you care too much about your partner that you can't jump into your own sensation.)

4: If you are not circumcised and you have ample foreskin, please make sure to pull all the foreskin before to put condom on.

5: Ask her to stimulate you other than penis.
For example, caressing to inner thigh, buttocks and near anus, lower abdomen, neck and ears.
Because, also for men, arousal is caused by erogenous zones other than penis, as well.

6: Check her "safe days" (by Billings Ovulation Method), and try penetration without condom.
(Needless to say, both of you must be checked and clean for STDs.)

7: If she is so wet that you have not enough sensation, pull out to wipe out your penis with tissue and penetrate again. Repeating this several times, it may increase sensation by creating more friction in her vagina.

8: It happens often that a man cannot ejaculate by penetration,
feeling not much sensation, if he is accustomed to hold his penis very tight during masturbation.
If this is the case, change the habit of masturbation to soft touch.
On contrary, if you are already masturbating with soft touch, you may feel the sensation in vagina a little too simple to arouse enough and ejaculate. In this case, please try 1, 2, or 3.

9: Please try "Non Erect Method". (** This method will be placed right after this one when translation is done.)

By the way, unless your penis is extremely small, the size of penis has rarely something to do with the problem of erection or orgasm.


10: If your situation is not improved with the above mentioned way, the cause may be "physical" . Please take followings into consideration.

A: If you are a heavy smoker (more than thirty cigarette par day), reducing it to less than half from the day before making love could be helpful.

B: If you feel tired, sleep more than nine hours.

C: Don't masturbate within three days before sex to accumulate sexual energy.

D: From the day before sex, do not take too much sugar.

Premature ejaculation

Depending on the type, the remedy for premature ejaculation is easier than problem of erection.
In latter case, since it has something to do with basic shortage of sexual energy, daily habits, or fatigue, it requires longer time to improve the situation.

But for the premature ejaculation, as there is enough sexual energy, basically, it is only the problem of endurance.
By the way, it is sought to be a serious case of premature ejaculation if you come with slight touch of woman's lips or hands, or if you come within three minutes of penetration.
Most of these "premature ejaculation from hypersensitivity" can be cured easily by training by yourself. There are two major causes for "premature ejaculation from hypersensitivity". One is psychological pressure or uneasiness. This can be greatly improved by practicing "relaxed sex" in the deep mutual trust with the partner as I have explained in detail.

Other cause is from the habit of quicky masturbation.
Depending on the housing situation or family environment, some people could not masturbate in playful relaxed manner.
In other words, these people masturbated "hiding in somewhere", "during the absence of other family members", "after everyone has gone to sleep", or "in the bathroom".

The worst effect of this upon young boys is the habit of harrying to ejaculate.
Since they do it sneaky way, they tend to get truly bad habit; "I've got to finish it quick".
In some cases, this will end up as the cause of premature ejaculation.

So, please masturbate taking ample time. Ideally, masturbate at least thirty minutes before ejaculation. You have to hold many times from ejaculating to do this. If you can spend one hour doing this, it is good. As you have total control of the situation on your own, you can prolong the endurance by reducing stimulation.
Also, taking your time, please try breathing method and PC-muscle exercise I have explained, as well as use of oil or lubricant.

Please experiment and learn the nature of penis such as;
1: When ejaculation is near, pressing the point at the base of penis will make it easier to ejaculate.
2: If you push down your penis a little while stimulating, the gland tends to expand and it is easier to ejaculate.
3: If you squeeze right below the gland before ejaculation, you won't come.
4: If you tap a few times lightly on top of the gland toward the base, you won't come.

Anyway, first thing to do is enjoying masturbation in relaxed manner.
But you should not masturbate watching adult videos. You would be thinking unnecessary thing to ejaculate at certain scene you and hurrying to ejaculate, this will lead to premature ejaculation.
You should not use videos nor photos for the training masturbation against premature ejaculation.

By the way, there are cases of premature ejaculation that will be followed by impotence.
But it could be caused by one of so many reasons that could not be judged by lay-person like me, such as reduced blood flow around genital organs, hypertrophy of the prostate gland, lack of physical fitness, aging, lack of sleep, stress, too long absence of sexual intercourse, and so on.
Please consult a specialist in these cases.

"Non Erect Method"

very effective for some erectile dysfunctions

* This is a method made by a Japanese sexologist Dr. Teruo Abe of Abe Clinic.

I will explain this method briefly. Please consult his book for further detail.
"Non erect method" aims at focusing only on the sensation of the gland while the penis is in its mid erection and most sensitive during masturbation or shallow penetration.

This method utilize the fact that penis becomes less sensitive when its full erection is attained.
So, first, give a little stimulation to the penis so that it will erect midway.

The important nature of this method is in its paradoxical approach of "You should not have full and hard erection."
Most of people with erectile dysfunction have a deep fear, "What if I don't have erection at the moment?"

Thus, to eliminate this kind of fear from expectation, in this method, "You will consider it as a failure if full erection is attained. And stop stimulation to bring it back to mid erection".

If the method dictate only "Don't get erected", it could give another phobia.
Therefore, "to focus on the gland and feel the stimulation" is very important.
If there is a non-erect phobia, you can't focus on the sexual sensation that your mind and energy would pour into the vicious circle of fear and impatience.

This "Non Erect Method" is really well thought for circulating so-called "Ki" energy to the penis by focusing one's attention on the gland, and moreover for remembering the most important basic attitude of "enjoying sex by tasting sensations".
(However, the method of "pulling out when it is hard" existed in China for long long time as a sexual technique, Non Erect Method is better organized as a whole system.)

Even though this Non Erect Method is a training method for erectile dysfunction, personally, I recommend this to people without erectile dysfunction. This method can be a very good training against premature ejaculation since it will give better endurance, too.

So, please try "Non Erect Method" even if you have no sexual problem for masturbation or real sex.
I would repeat two important points.
1: "Feel the sensation of the penile gland by focusing totally" should be your priority.
2: "Don't think about getting erection."

Circular movement & Cooling method

effective remedy for premature ejaculation

First, employ "Non Erect Method". When you can't help but having full erection, and then just before ejaculation...

1: Stop the stimulation.
2: Take your penis by a hand, make big circular movements pivoting at the base of penis for 18 turns. (Turn it clockwise looking down.)
3: Finally, cool the entire penis with a plastic bag with ice cubes and water in it for about ten seconds.

After that, give stimulation again to repeat 1 to 3 for two more times.
It will be better if you finish this training without ejaculating.

Consult a specialist

As I have said before, I am neither a MD nor sexologist.
Also, we discuss about deep mental aspect of "orgasm" as a main theme, here.
Therefore remedies and comments about functional problem such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, phimosis, and ejaculatory problem, which is the matter to be passed before treating mental orgasm, are very limited.
So, when you do not see any improvement after trying what I have suggested, please consult a specialist.

For example, even just in cases of premature ejaculation, there are from psychogenic, penile hypersensitivity, associated with erectile dysfunction, and acquired reflex.
And the remedy is naturally different in each case.
As for phimossis, some of them require circumcision while other could be treated without surgery.

Food and Chinese medicine for sexual vigor

In the original Japanese version, I have explained about food and recipes good for sex.
However, some of them are hard to find or not accustomed to eat in many western countries.
So, I would just give a list of food and Chinese medicine only.
As for the Chinese medicine, you can show Chinese characters in graphic to the people in the store so that they can understand what you want easily.

General food items:

Celery, spinach, garlic, chicken meat, gambo, long onion or shallot.


Clove, cinnamon.

* You can mix under 3g per day of cinnamon in tea or milk. People with hypertension and other compromising health condition should consult doctor before trying.

Japanese food:

Hijiki, Nira, Umeboshi, Natto, Yamaimo, Satoimo, Nagaimo, Nameko.

* Hijiki can be easily found in many health food store. Some stores sell Umeboshi and Natto. Other items are found only in specialized Japanese food store.

Chinese herbal medicine.

1. Ginseng (Ninjin),
2. Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn (Renshi Lotus seed),
3. Euphoria longan Steud (Rongan or Dragon eye),
4. Lycium chinense Mill (Kuko),
5. Epimedium macranthum (Inyoukaku),
6. Polyugonaceae multiflorum Thunb (Kashu),

Other Chinese medicine:

7. Gekko gecko L (Goukai),
8. Anteler velvet (Cervus nippon Temminck var or similar),
9. Hippocampus kelloggi jordan et Snyder (Sea horse or Kaiba).

Use of lotion and oil

Among couples who enjoy whole body "slippery" sensation, there are those who love oil while others may prefer lotion.

By "lotion", I mean lubricant jelly for love. There are lubricant specially for genital area and also other lubs for entire body.

Personally, we often use the oil for whole body sensation. Jerry give a little too much lubrication that sometime it feels unnatural. With oil, even though it is slippery, there is "a feeling of body contact".
But with jelly, it's so slippery that it feels something different than holding human being.
(as if holding a dolphin...)

Of course, although it's a matter of personal preference and not that important, for adequate lubrication and soft smoothing of skin, I like the blend of grapeseed oil and baby oil.
Those massage oils for aromatherapy are good for your beauty and health, too.

As for the lotion, I like "Pepe" brand in Japan.
You may try different kind of lotion by ordering a sampler kit at "Blowfish" store on the net.

About rotor

Whether rotor, dildo, or vibrator, they may be recommended by sex counselor for assisting women who have difficulty in attaining orgasm since these helper tools are effective.
(* Some doctors point out that too much use of vibrator for masturbation may result in frigidity even for women who weren't at the beginning.)

But we put "interdiction" against the use of these tools for actual "sexual union of man and woman" at Mumyouan. The biggest reason for it is these tools spoil the mood and they are bothersome. Further, the use of tools does not help at all, physically and mentally, in mastering sexual maturity and endurance. If you depend of tools, the true level of sexual technique will go down more or less inevitably.

Although such opinion as "There is nothing wrong with the tools for playful couples." is quite valid, it is much better if man and woman take care of each other mutually with their "bodies" and develop endurance and depth of orgasm by breathing methods and other training.

Also, since silicone and plastic do not have electric conductivity, they lack the important factor of bio-electric exchange between man and woman for natural orgasm. I have made a dildo with small electric voltage at the tip and asked my partner to try it. It was just a Hong-Kong flower (poor imitation).
We have tried rotor, as well. But dropped soon because it wasn't fun.
In our case, we experience "multiple orgasm" with "ejaculating inside" but "without barrier".
Also it is normal and natural to attain "simultaneous orgasm" and "fainting".
For us, simply there is no "necessity" for these tools any more.

For you, dear readers, you will also develop physically and mentally if you practice what I have explained, and you will live unparalleled intimacy more than anything else.
So, it's better not to depend on "helping tools" unless you have special needs. "Special needs" may arise if you have physical handicap or you are in your advanced age and using them as secondary means.
By the way, there is no need to take medication like Viagra for most of people since many of erectile dysfunction are rooted in psychological cause. If you use them customary moved by commercial fever, your body may became "useless without them". Then, you will only contribute to pharmacological companies.

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