The Mysticism of Sex

The Mysticism of Sex

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By Houzan Suzuki

Have you ever had following types of experiences?

These phenomena happen relatively often to women. Of course it also happens to men at their subconscious level. Women tend to get some satisfaction "mentally" even without physical orgasm, while men will usually experience frustration without ejaculation. For women, it is possible to be happy just with loving hugs and caressing. The physical orgasm is not important in some cases. But how can that be?

The usual sexual union,
  1. starts when two physical bodies try to make a contact.
  2. Then not quite satisfied just by holding each other with their clothes on, they get naked.
  3. When the naked contact is not enough, penetration follows.
  4. Not quite satisfied even when united, they thrust against each other resulting in ejaculation and orgasm.

Needless to say, this is the usual "process of instinctive sex".
That is, the closer contact is made, the more "the frustration of the partial union" rapidly "descends" down to the actions of further physical dimension.

But what will happen if "intentionally",
  1. thrusting movement is limited during the penetration and the orgasm is not attained,
  2. the penetration is avoided even when caressing each other while naked,
  3. the clothes are kept on even while holding together,
  4. some distance is kept while facing each other?

In other words, what will happen if the usual processes 1 to 4 is traced backward step by step?

Sex of the etheric body

If both men and women intentionally hold off their orgasm while keeping penetration, the energy that could not be released via the sexual center will try to leave from the center one step higher via the navel chakra, toward the partner's navel.
At this time, the male "energy" stretches out as if a pipe made of light, or as if it is a penis made of light and penetrates into the navel (around uterus) of the female partner.

And this condition marks the change in the dimension of sex, from the union of the physical body to a one step higher union of the etheric body.

Nevertheless, to reach satisfaction at this second body level, you had better know that it requires around 40 minutes of penetration.

Although the pleasure from this may seem inadequate initially, the quality of pleasure steps up from that of a physical nature into somewhat mental level as time goes by. The female partner would feel the swelling sensation of much greater scale than the one made by a penis in her stomach.
Metaphorically, she may feel as if a huge penis with more than 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter is present in her stomach. Women who like sex at this level prefer a man with plenty of gut level strength who doesn't fear a lot.

Sex of the astral body

Afterwards, if the penetration is withheld intentionally, while caressing and holding each other, the navel center would start blaming with frustration this time, and the energy will try to unite finally at the breast chakra. Then a ray of light will mutually extend from the breast chakra toward that of the partner.
At this time, the fusion of the couple happens in the dimension of the third body (astral body).
If you make a firm contact breast to breast, and imagine that both breasts are blending into one, it would be better.

The pleasure here is rather similar to a "longing" for a deep sense of union. It is the same level of energy as the heart pounding sensation you may feel when deeply in love.
There is "a strange sensation of happiness that somehow includes a little pain of sadness" deep in the breast.
It is also similar to the pain of "not attaining the sensation of total freedom" even though there is a heart breaking feeling of expansion.
During the fusion at breast level, the energy does not run from man to woman. It has a nature of pouring from the breast of the woman into the breast of the man.
This is because, for women, the breast is Yang and the genitals are Yin, while for men, the penis is Yang and the breast is Yin. Thus a man plays a receptive role in the union at the breast level.

Women who like sex at this level prefer a man of "heart", that is to say, a sensitive and slightly fragile man who stimulates the mothering instinct.
It only takes 10 minutes to reach a complete sense of satisfaction at this third body level.
In other words, the fusion of the hearts takes 10 minutes.

But for a normal couple, especially for a normal man, 10 minutes is the maximum time for an intercourse at this dimension. After that, they can't hold the urge of penetrating.
A man can continue "normal cunnilingus" or "normal foreplay" for an hour.
But if "the fusion of the breasts" is done for 10 minutes or so, the urge to "get connected" becomes so much that the desire usually drops down to a lower dimension.
Yet if you continue the fusion of the breasts resisting this urge for more than 10 minutes, there is a saturation point somewhere and a complete satisfaction can be attained solely by the fusion of the breasts.

* * * Interlude * * *

Above this level, the exchanges of energy are not limited by gender or species. These exchanges of energy are possible between the people of same gender, or different kinds of animals". Those who only have their sexual and navel center functioning are limited to sexual energy exchanges of a physical order or a simple exchange of etheric energy.

Thus, homosexuality happens. Usually homosexuals establish a mental connection before a physical one. Later the physical relationship is established.
This is why so-called "platonic relations" are important in a homosexual relationship.
People born with a homosexual orientation have the reversed polarity of mental gender. It is not just an indifference to the opposite sex at a physical level. They first feel from " the heart". It is not a simple physical desire.

Also, the higher the center of gravity of consciousness, the more one possess the quality (?) to be homosexual.
Even though the higher center of gravity of consciousness and being intellectual may not have a direct correlation, as far as I have observed, gay and lesbian people tend to be intellectual and/or calm sympathetic people with a reflective nature.
However, it is the "natural" process for all straight couples, as well as homosexuals, to begin with "heart-full love" and then to proceed to a desire for sex.

This is the reason why having sex to satisfy only the physical desire will end up in vain after all.
Moreover, a man (or a woman) who looks at the member of an opposite sex with lustful eyes does not qualify to study this kind of teaching nor to practice it.

Sex of the mental body

Now, if you "deliberately" keep your clothes on while holding and hugging each other, there will be a frustration that the breasts can't get connected.
Then, the chakra of the neck and the head will try to unite with the opposite sex.
As a result, a "penis of light" from the man's forehead extends to the woman's forehead, just like the horn of unicorn.
This union is in the dimension of fourth body (mental body).

It is from the longing for the union at this level that the desire to connect head to head and caress face to face during love arises.
It is also to strengthen the union at this level that a man gives caress to neck, ear, forehead, hair of a woman, in general.
Again, it is for the desire to unite at this level that women likes a man who gives good kiss.

This makes a woman feel dizzy, loosing the sense of equilibrium and the awareness of this world.
Something like "losing consciousness" or "the death of ego" through sex does not happen unless the union of this level or higher is made.
While "attachment to one's own character" becomes scarce by sex at this level, one's "sense of existence of consciousness" does not disappear, yet.
Women who like sex at this level prefer a man with a high ability of mental concentration, who may have piercing eyes.

Required time to get a satisfaction at this fourth body level is, only 2 minutes and a half.
But usually, the desire to hold tightly the partner would become so strong after 2 minutes.
If you dare to keep the exchange only by the head, a complete satisfaction will happen.

* * * * * * * * *

Let me tell a little spiritual side. It is at this level that "getting ecstasy after only a few seconds of hand to hand contact" is possible in the union during out of Body experience, or between devas in Buddhist stories. Someone who has experienced deep ecstasy at this level feels sex of physical or etheric level somewhat cheep.

By the way, "Taoist sex" practiced to improve one's health is nothing other than the product of male (or female) ego. This type of activity will leave "Karma toward opposite sex" as Daiji Dantes has pointed out.

Of course, there is a lot of valuable information in Taoist sex such as warning against wrong sexual practices that will lead to health problems. But basically, sexual matter should be treated as a matter of its own. You should not use body of someone else for the benefit of your own health.

Sex of spiritual body

Finally, if you sit 50 cm (about 2 feet) apart from each other still keeping your clothes on, the desire for the fusion will manifest as a light ray from the chakra at top of the head.
The sense of union at the fifth body level is "a total self-satisfaction that could be completely subjective" or "enclosed bliss" without feeling the partner nor the exterior world.

At this dimension, no distinction of self and other is possible. Furthermore, the sense of individuality becomes faint, and finally the sense of existence will be lost.
Women who like the union at this level prefer a fully enlightened man.

By the way, the time required for the union at this level is "zero" second.
In other words, the union will be impossible if the least amount of time is necessary.
It has to be in "a moment" to be united.
This level of union includes not only between couple, animal, nature, but also union between master and disciple, or exchange with the conscious being of other dimensions.

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

How to do it actually ?

Experiment following steps, one by one from 1 to 4, without skipping or modifying the sequence.
  1. Sustain penetration while pelvic thrust is kept to minimum. (40 minutes minimum for a satisfaction)
  2. End the penetration and keep breast to breast contact. (10 minutes minimum for a satisfaction)
  3. Put your clothes on and continue with kissing and face to face, head to head contacts. ( About 3 minutes minimum for a satisfaction)
  4. Keep a distance from each other and just bring your consciousness to the partner. (No time)

To go through all steps, it takes minimum one hour or so.

* The basic principle of this method is in utilizing the jump of energy into a dimension of "different exit" (the exit of higher level in this case) in search of an outlet, by intentionally plugging the normal exit
However, contrary to this, a normal sexual desire cannot be satisfied at higher exits (mental connection) and successively goes down to lower level, moving to penetration and physical orgasm at the end.

(By the way, if oppressed desires jump down to the dimension lower than the sexual center, it may manifest as an irritation, restlessness, hyperactivity, impulsive violence and speech, acts of vandalism, and even sexual assaults or murders.)

--------- Etheric body union ---------

1. First, male partner should give sufficient petting for the entire body and cunnilingus as a foreplay. 20 to 30 minutes of foreplay is necessary. Then unite together in penetration.
However, the male partner should not ejaculate, and the female partner should refrain from orgasm.

At the beginning, the union without ejaculation for him nor orgasmic spasm for her may not feel good enough. Yet, as it goes, "a different kind of satisfaction" will be felt in the pleasure of long union, rather than seeking a physical orgasm in frustration as usual.

Here, for both male and female partner, the emphasis is to be reminded of the energy exchange between the lower abdomen, and not to attach your consciousness on the sexual organ. For a good result, connect lower abdomen of each other and make deep breathing to inflate and to deflate lower abdomen, as if there is a sexual organ at that position.
If you stay motionless during penetration without doing this breathing, it will end up in a normal sex under the influence of couple's desires for an orgasm.

Continue with the exchange at the lower abdomen for 40 minutes. And if you feel that harrying to attain physical orgasm or ejaculation is "boring", you have "got it".
Later, you will get a satisfaction without having any orgasm nor ejaculation.
If you can't pass by an orgasm and a ejaculation to finish sex, it means that the union at this level is not quite enough.

--------- Astral body union ---------

2. Next, if you refrain from the penetration and just keep holding together for 10 minutes, there will be a demand for the sense of union at the breast.
It is important to note that the male partner should never give whole body petting for her nor a normal foreplay.
If you do normal foreplay, the energy level will go back to previous lower status.
So, as you press firmly breast against breast, imagine single-mindedly that the centers of the breast are blended into one. And do it as if a sexual organ is located at the breast.

And after more than 10 minutes of this union of breasts,
try the penetration. If you feel less passion and that "it's spoiling", you have "got it".
Later, you will get a satisfaction without penetration at all.
If you feel frustrated without penetration, the union is not enough.

@ @ @ Note @ @ @

Even though I have to remind you that it is "not necessary applicable to everyone", there is a way to determine if the union of breasts is "going well or not".

It is to taste the love juice of female partner after this exchange of the third body.
If the secretion has "faint sweetness", it indicates that the union of the third body was good.

I said that it's not applicable to everyone because any health problem would mix impurities and there is more salt during ovulation period.
But for the most healthy women, in the most cases, during the period after an ovulation yet before menstruation, the chemical composition of the secretion would change to give faint sweetness.

There are people who highly prize the secretion refined by the process of meditation as "amrita".
Indeed, it seems to be different compared to the secretion from a physical desire.

If a male partner cannot determine the taste, the female partner can verify it by taking it on her hand comparing to the taste from usual sex.
Probably, a usual female secretion should taste "nothing" or a little salty.

Of course, you have to clean the genital area before sex by taking the bath or the shower to determine subtle difference of the taste.

--------- Mental body union ---------

3. I think everyone should have some experiences of a very passionate moment and flaming desires when you were holding and hugging, yet you have still your clothes on.

If you refrain from the normal irresistible desire to get naked and if you keep holding each other, there will be more contacts of head to head, kissings, pettings to neck. Then, continue these for more than 3 minutes.
Here, it is important to avoid any "caressing of whole body" even over clothes.
In other words, you should not put your legs together nor make a lot of breast to breast contact. Keep the contact of head, face, and down to neck, but not below, with your all might.

But you can make contacts of hands and you can touch and hold your partner's head. And make head to head, face to face contact as if there is a sexual organ on the middle of forehead or on the top of the head.

After that, try full body contact. If you feel "cooled off", you have "got it".
You will have a mental satisfaction just by making the contact of the head.
If you feel frustrated without full body contact, the union is not enough.

--------- Spiritual body union ---------

4. Although this step is pretty high level, keep your clothes on and even refrain from any physical contact. If you sit away from each other and an instantaneous sense of union arises, it is OK.
The distance at which "you can touch partner's shoulder by extending your arm" should be taken between both partners.
You can think of the distance of "Maai" in the martial art.

Then, touch your partner physically. If you feel that the sense of union is "spoiled" by actual physical contact, you have "got it".
This is the state we experience at the beginning of the love, in which happiness is felt just by being together when not even a contact of the hand is made.

If you can get satisfaction in higher dimension of fineness, dependency on sex, dependency on a partner, dependency on other people or a guru will be completely transcended later.


However, the satisfaction in sex should be cleared absolutely in sequence of the lower dimension upward.

As I have stated at the beginning, this method uses a "conscious and intentional" practice of "no leak, no penetration, no undressing, no contact" in the each of four steps as a general principle.
Therefore, you should never attempt in a such way as, "let's try this ultimate method to compensate for the inability to ejaculate or attain orgasm" simply resulting from a sexual functional problem or a psychological problem, "let's try this ultimate method to compensate for the lack of endurance", or "let's try this ultimate method to compensate for the premature ejaculation".

This method should be done after you have attained total orgasms of physical level.
Please do not forget that it is "not a substitute" as to cover up lack of a satisfaction at physical level by higher level, nor is it a tool for justifying your inability in physical sex.

Among people who have some experiences in so-called spirituality or meditation, or who have read things only as an intellectual knowledge, many of them would jump onto exchange of energy, spiritual union, or mental union, hoping too high in vain or over idealizing, while they can't even attain a physical satisfaction (or maybe precisely because they could not attain the physical satisfaction).

But these people will be haunted by the physical frustration till the end.
There are so many people around so-called meditation center, who speak of spiritual sex pretending as if they are the expert, while in reality, hiding the frustration of a physical and lowest dimension.

* * * * * * * * *

That is why a couple should start from realizing "the normal orgasm of physical body", by using "the technique that focuses only on the physical body", such as "Total Tantra Manual"

Since solely after attaining the good satisfaction in physical orgasm,
the orgasms in a meditation become effective.

1998 1/19 Houzan Suzuki

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

"Seven points of contact" method

for determining the right partner

* Sex with an incompatible partner brings bad luck and sickness

* Be careful in choosing a sexual partner

I have heard people saying, "She is just for sex", ".... he is my toy", "We are sex friends" .

Even though certain relations seem to be limited to bellow the belly, in reality, there are energy exchanges of many levels through sex.
In short, if you take sex as a mere "act of dispersing sexual desires", really "great misfortune" can happen to you.

There are stories such as, "Once there was an emperor of the peaceful, prosperous land. One day, the emperor made love with a woman, and only once. But the empire started to encounter bad lucks and finally it was wiped out.", or something like, "A woman had been without any luck all her life. But after making love with a man, her life changed completely with the happiness and fortune."
In the last case, it does not mean that she married with him.

Having sex only once with someone is enough to let "the exchanges of energy and information at invisible layers", other than the pleasure of sex. If you continue the relation, being unaware of these energies, not just bad lucks but sickness could be the result. (I'm not talking of STDs.) Depression, hysteria, and many kinds of dependency from choosing wrong sexual partner must be a commom-place.

Choosing a sexual partner is different from finding someone to marry. Nevertheless, you share something with your body in certain time-space.
What is happening in sexual relations could be said as "a marriage of a kind" for an hour or so, even in sex with a prostitute or a sex friend.
Therefore, if you choose your sexual partner just for your desires or pleasure, you may have a surprise later.
On contrary, if the right partner is chosen, your health and fortune can improve through the relations.

* Watch out if following things start to happen.

After having sex with a person, you may feel ill or you may have health problem.
It's not just you are a little tired from sex. It's is something like making more mistakes at work, getting injured, or actually getting ill.
It can also be financial problems, business problems, or problems like being robbed, having an accident, involved in an act of violence.
You may notice that a sexual contact with one person brings good luck, while it is bad luck that sex with other person brings.

As far as sexual partner is concerned, you should immediately end the sexual relations if following symptoms are observed on the top of injuries and mistakes.
That is, "illness of different degree accompanied by inflammation". Inflammation of the mouth, boils and sores of skin are less serious while inflammation of the lung and tumor of the internal organs are more. (As tumors may become a cancer, please be careful.)
* Fever and cold have nothing to do with sex. Diarrhea and constipation are not related because the sickness from sex is different from eating.

These symptoms happen as a signal when your body is trying to reject the partner at subconscious level. If you don't take care, they may turn into serious physical problem or, in some cases, they may manifest as depression and other psychiatric problem.

* How to choose the partner and its bases

There are numerous systems that claim to figure out good friends or the right person for a marriage.
For example, astrology, numerology, blood types, palm reading, psychic reading, and so on.
In Orgasmic Fusion of Mumyouan, a totally different method is used for choosing sexual partner.
It is an original method called "Seven points of contact".
It uses the feeling you get when a light physical contact is made with the proposed partner.
It checks at seven different points of body to avoid incompatible partners and resulting misfortune.

This method can also be used to choose a partner for specific purposes and the partner of lifetime.

Actual process of "Seven points of contact"

Though it could be used in varying situation, you had better check the current sexual partner first. If you want to use it with possible sexual partner, it's better to explain that this method will verify compatibility for both of you and to obtain consent.

Basics of the judging method

As you make a contact at the specific point of body, one by one, if you feel:
comfortable, at home, at ease, relaxed, uplifted, aroused, sympathetic, gentle and soft, it is considered compatible at the part you are making the contact.

But if you feel:
tension, wacky feeling, distrust, fear, indifference, defensive, it is considered incompatible at the part.

Now, please start actual checking with the above guideline.
By the way, since all process can be done with clothes on, you can check casually and before getting very intimate. If the result shows the incompatibility, don't sex with that person.

1. Hands to hands

Contact the palms, fingers, and thumbs of each other.
Don't make movement at this time. If you do, it may become something like a foreplay and difficult to evaluate calmly the compatibility.
During the contact, close your eyes to feel inside yourself.
If you have difficulty, you may hold lightly the hand.

* Good compatibility at this point indicates that planning something together, talking about past memories and untold feelings, talking like a counseling session can be done well.
In other words, this point shows the compatibility for the communication of the mind.

2. Feet to feet

Contact the soles of each other and check for the feeling. You may move the tows a little.

* Good compatibility of this point shows compatibility in "doing physical works" together.
Compared to the compatibility of hands that is good for planning or designing something together, compatibility of feet is good for doing "actual works". It also improves one's luck in finance, and indicates best partner for voyages.

3. Back to back

Stand up, and contact the backs. Stay still without making any movement, and feel inside yourself. Don't focus on superficial senses such as the warmth of the partner's back, stick to the feeling inside yourself.

* Good compatibility of this part indicates that both of you will grow competing against each other as a good rival.
Fighting may bring better relation sometime while it may spoil the relation.
Usually, those couples who improve their relationship through fighting have good compatibility of backs. They are ideal partners for competitive sports and learning something together.

4. Forehead to forehead

Contact foreheads. Needless to say, it's not a foreplay. So, no kissing is allowed.
It is not the contact of cheeks, either. Make a contact of forehead to forehead, or side to side above ear.
Imagine that your heads are melting together and in fusion, sense what you feel at that moment.

* If there is good compatibility at this part, a long relation brings positive effects for both of you.
If you want to choose someone to marry, the compatibility at this part is crucial.
Even how good the compatibility at heart or genital is, it wouldn't last long without good one here.
With the good matching of the head, regardless of marrying, you can become best friends in all aspects, and a couple who can "relate to each other as a human" before as a man and a woman.

5. Breast to breast

Lightly hold each other, and contact breasts. Don't move or shake other part such as waist.
Bring all your attention to breast, and imagine that your breasts are melting and fusing together, just like you have done for the head contact. Then, watch the feeling comes up.

* If it feels right here, you will be good partners to have fun together, laughing and playing.
As you will share emotions, you may cry in emotion together. Most of couples at their early stage of love have good compatibility at this part, temporary, and it is just a heat of passion. Thus it can be very quick to cool down if you start relation just because the feeling of heart is united.
Since the center of breast is connected to listening, it will be good to listen to the music together.

6. Belly to belly

It is not the stomach or above navel, but contact bellow navel. Again, don't push your genitals against your partners'.
Concentrate at your belly and pay attention to your feeling.

* Good matching here shows that you can spend long hours together.
However, it doesn't happen by the mental connection as it was the case in the head compatibility, but by matching of the wavelength of body. With the good compatibility of head or breast, you may get bored and cool down if you stick to each other too long, it will last longer with the matching of belly even if you often stay and stick for hours.
Therefore, it shows a partner easy to get along in daily life.
Further, it is good for "pregnancy and having baby".
So, as well as the head compatibility, this is important for marrying.
It is good to see movies together since the center of belly is connected to seeing.

7. Genital to genital

Over your clothes, contact your genital area. Try soft pushes and gentle movements.
Though you may have a little sexual impulse, focus on the feeling that happens inside yourself.

* Good compatibility here means you can enjoy sex together. Other than sex, it is good to have a meal together since the center of sex is connected to tasting.

What are the requirements for a right sexual partner ?

Our objectives in Mumyouan are "simultaneous orgasm" and "deeper orgasm". We are not for marriage or love counseling. Therefore, the important compatibility required for the objectives is the set of three, namely number 4, 5, and 7.
It means if there is a bad matching in the following three parts, forehead and head, breast, genital, you are not good partners for the practice of this method.
(Hand, foot, back, and belly do not have direct influence for sex.)

So, even if there is good feeling at genital,
it doesn't make good partners with bad feeling at breast.
Or, good feeling at genital and breast does not mean deep orgasm,
if forehead is incompatible.
Contrary, how strong the harmony of head and breast may, no good sex is possible without compatibility at genital.

A person who shares good compatibility at all three parts is the ideal partner for your sex.
You will get "fresh", "energized", and "healthy" after having sex with such partner instead of being depleted.

But if you ignore this rule and continue to have sex, you may get only "satisfaction of physical level" for body by changing many partners and trying many kinds of styles, and at the end, you will get feeling of vain and being tired. Also, as I have stated at the beginning, sex with the partner who shows incompatibility at one of these three parts will bring inflammations, sore, and careless injuries.

So, even for the partner limited to sexual relation,
if you keep going to prostitute, sleeping with someone you just get to know at the bar, or adultery,
where the compatibility check of you and your partner in the higher dimensions such as "Ki" or "aura" is neglected,
you will experience bad lucks on your financial, health, and general situation,
and nothing so good at the end.

Also, this verification of "Seven points of contact" method is utterly impossible under the influence of alcohol. Thus it does not work in a party or at the single bar.
In the sexual teaching of Mumyouan, alcohol is prohibited within 3 days before sex for following reasons. If alcohol or other substance is introduced,
  1. natural pleasure of sex is spoiled because normal function of tactile sensation become out of order and the integral harmony of brain chemistry is disturbed,
  2. it is impossible to reach a deep orgasm resulting in blackout or dimension similar to the meditation,
  3. you can't choose sexual partner correctly.

So, you had better be very cautious about choosing a sexual partner as much as choosing the mate for the marriage or love.

1998 5/6 Houzan Suzuki

Not an orgasm, but a union by mental fusion

Following article has nothing to do with a physical orgasm, and you don't have to do it if you are not interested.

I will briefly explain the way to enjoy the union for more than 30 minutes.
By the way, the position used here is face to face sitting position.

In this case, stay in penetration without moving a lot, totally forgetting about orgasm and ejaculation.
You can take your favorite variation of sitting position.

As the sole main objective here is to enjoy deeply the long mental fusion, you may move just a little, time to time, to keep man's erection and woman's pleasure from going down too much.

If you feel, instead of sense of union of body as the chunk of meat, "sense of melting into one" of aura as if it were "gas" or "liquid", it is OK.
If you have trouble getting these feelings, both of you can use mental "image" of such union.
To do this technique, it is more effective if your eyes are closed.

Please read "Mysticism of Sex" for yet deeper mystic dimension of sex and method of practice.

Female orgasm by "Ki"

To lead a woman to deep orgasm by hand stimulation, it is important to set the target of "Ki" emanating from the hand up to womb and ovaries instead of targeting only clitoris.

When a man put his hand at outside vagina to send "Ki" from his hand, experiment with different target such as, up to "inside vagina", "a little farther into uterus", up to "the center of breast", or up to "the head and top of the head", to see the change in woman's sensation.
Of course, female partner should tell each change of sensation to male partner.

For hand stimulation, just quickly moving fingers doesn't make her come,
simply making strong stimulation is not good either.
But it does not mean that soft touch will always work, nor it is simple thing as stimulating only G-spot.
Actors and directors of pornographic video are too ignorant about these matters even though they are only concerned about economical factors.
* * * * * * * * *
When male partner put his hand on genitals and vagina,
if he keeps in the mind to send "Ki" into her body gently,
even he doesn't think about physical stimulation,
she would quickly go up to her climax.
Because women are sensitive to these energies from the beginning.

@ @ @ * * * @ @ @

Now, I will write about a few points to remind of when you do sexual stimulation by the "Ki" from hand.

If a man who has no training in conserving "Ki" in his belly or sending "Ki" from hand tries to imitate this technique, he will loose as much sexual energy as ejaculating.
So, please keep the use of "Ki" from hand to send her into an orgasm for only once in a sexual session.
You will see, if you do, that surprising amount is absorbed when sending "Ki" from your hand into her vagina.

Even in usual Chi-qong style therapies, there is not much absorption as this when hand is place on the body. Probably, because the womb is the place to nurture, protect, and give birth to a baby, it has strong ability to absorb and conserve any kind of life energy.

However, if you send "ki" to the same womb from belly, it's not absorbed as much. Only when the energy is sent through vagina, absorption seems to increase remarkably.

Therefore, if a man without any training about control of "Ki" sends energy into vagina or uterus and he doesn't feel depleted, it means that he was not be able to send "Ki" from his hand at all.

1998 1/13 by Houzan

"Synchronized senses" method for lovers

The following method is not for sex, originally.
I will put the explanation for the original use later and start with how to use it for sex.

First, it is limited to a couple in love or very good relation as a human being.
You will understand the reason if you read the rest.

The principle

In short, the purpose of this method is to deepen the level of "synchronicity" of a couple before the session.
By "synchronizing brain waves" while the couple is apart from each other, it will dramatically strengthen the actual union when they meet with their physical body.

To achieve this, you have to plan and act according to it together, thus you should know well each other.
This is why you can't do it with someone if that person is not in good relation with you.

Also, it is not effective if you live together. This method deepen orgasm by preparing while you are physically apart and let it act when you meet actually.

As it may be true for anything, you feel restless with strong attraction while you are apart, thus things get hotter when you see each other finally. If you both are prepared at invisible dimensions during you are separated, it will manifest at once on physical level when you meet.


The method employed is "tuning of five senses".
In short, while you are apart, at the predetermined time, create similar environment for three quarters of an hour.
However, the environment you have planed should be "different from anyone else".

1. At the same moment, listen to the same music or sound effect.
2. At the same moment, smell the same scent.
3. At the same moment, watch the same light or vision.
4. At the same moment, taste the same thing.
5. At the same moment, feel the same tactile sensation.

Here is one example.

A couple decide together that at 10:00 PM at night in the room;
@ Burn same incense or diffuse essential oil, or fill the room with same fragrance.
@ Listen to the same music they like.
@ Look at the same light source, such as same candle or same special colored light.
@ Eat exactly same thing or drink same tea or coffee.
@ Massage own feet and hands with the same way, or take a bath with the same bathing agent, or do same physical exercise.
@ To be exact, it should be done for 45 minutes. But you may do it for 15 to 20 minutes if you are spending busy days.

Well, there should be a bunch of people who prefer same music or same incense or who watch same television program.
So, you may ask "Is is OK to synchronize with all these people??"
But the chance is practically null for "all five conditions are matched at the given duration".

In other words, by sharing exactly same stimulation for the five senses, you will be in the very special environment where "only both of you are sharing together in the entire world".
Thus, there will be an invisible network between you and synchronicity of consciousness will happen.

You should do this environmental set at somewhere within seven days of proposed meeting. It can be only once. It is not necessary to do it every day.

I will show an example again.
Both of you will, for 20 minutes from 10:00 PM;

* Eat a half of same apple. Drink exactly same tea.
* Put same colored light bulb or exactly same candle.
* Use same music for BGM. (If you watch same environmental video, lighting and sound are done.)
* Burn same incense, or put same cologne.
* To match tactile sensation, do same exercise. It can be a bath. But you should eat and listen to music in a bath tub.

Well, it may seem to be a kind of "ritual" or "magic".
But have you ever done kind of play with a promise to "do certain things together at same given moment" when you were a kid?

When you use this method, synchronicity in the mental dimension is ready. And from my personal experiences, I can say that it will result in unimaginable deep union and very deep orgasm when you meet later.

There is a saying as "Eat from the same pot" in Japan.
Similar to this, the point is matching all five senses while you are "physically apart".
When you live together already, married or not, you share pretty similar environment.
But the most important secret is "the distance between physical bodies".

As I have explained about the principle, when one channel is intentionally closed, the energy will always try to go through other channel.
In this case, the situation where you can't contact physical body while all the five senses are together causes the energy and information to be synchronized between people.

* * * * * * * * *

In Mumyouan, we have been using this method for a small group meditation and for transmission between disciple and teacher.
For example, there is another couple who learn meditation right now.

My partner, I, and this couple have been burning same incense, listening to same original sound cassette, using same color combination of two light sources, practicing same dance similar to Tai-chi, eating same food from same vessel using same chopsticks at predetermined moment.
And we have done these facing same direction, as well as changing the time, food, direction, colors every time.

As a result, consciousness of four of us were synchronized and we had many deep experiences.
Also, rather than teaching by words, they learned the very essence far easier.

Even though there are many people who use same thing, it is impossible to have five or six conditions all together. Further, the sound cassette was made by myself and unique in the world.
* * * * * * * * *
Well, for choosing the food to eat, it may be a good idea to taste "something unique in the whole world", such as hand made original sandwich.

So, please go out together, discussing and planning, shop for a pair of light stand, coffee cup, food, incense or fragrance.
And please create joyful "secret magical protocol for you two".

By the way, wearing same cloths should be more effective when it is done while you are apart than when you are actually together. Please tray it to see.

1998 5/9 Houzan Suzuki

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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